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OK, you have just purchased or already running a WP hosting, it's up to you to delegate the management of your WordPress to a contractor: us for instance, and may quite rightly also decide that it's not too much work and do it yourself. We respect that and will give some advice nevertheless:

  1. Keep WordPress core updated. This happens automatically most of the time. For instance WP needs to be upgraded to version 4.9.5
  2. Keep your plugins, themes and other web applications up to date. Ditto
  3. Use a firewall that is updated in real time. You might need some homework here to figure out what's best….
  4. Reduce your attack surface by removing unneccesary plugins, themes, web applications and user accounts. Again, some homework is highly encouraged.
  5. Practice good security hygiene by using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication and ensuring your backups are reliable. There is some common sense policy to adapt here.
  6. Use a monitoring software as website-watcher to check security bookmarks for you, i.e, as soon as there are new PSA, you will know and meanwhile carry on your business….

If all of the above seem to much work, we at WPaaS.fr can do this for you. In case, your French goes back to school days, just change the lingo and you are done.

Have a lot of fun!

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