As of October 1 2017, Google (as de facto rulers of the internet) have decided to fully implement the most dangerous warnings about un-protected websites.

Up to now they’ve only been toying with us, like a cat fiddles with a mouse until he’s ready to bite off its head and eat it whole.

SEO is being jeopardized by Website security.

You would not let that happen, right? Many things can be done by yourself: stronger and *unique* passwords, regular plugins updates, Trustworthy extensions, host *one* website per server, user permission.

Google dislikes security problems. So, when Google senses security issues, Google will be massively « punishing » websites lacking SSL certificates.

« NOT SECURE!« , Now THAT’S SCARY! Iy you have been struggling to improve your rankings, now this!

No worries, we are established since 1995 and our founder has been in IT since 1976. We help companies achieve their IT objectives is what we do for a living. What we would like to do for you before the end of 2017 is to install a SSL certificate to secure your website so that your hard earned SEO Ranking is not adversely affected.

In the light of the above, we have created a dedicated site SSL To Comply SEO and in order to help you more, we will only charge $99 (all inclusive) until 31st December, 2017.

We do have one pre requisite, you need to have a cPanel hosting for a 60 minutes complete installation and delivery. For other Control Panels, please contact us for a quote: [email protected]

BTW, without mixing issues here, you may kill two birds with one stone if your hosting is also worrying you, we recommend and do use Green Geeks ourselves:

What are you waiting for? Check us out at and to ensure that your website is as safe and secure as possible, and make Google happy 🙂

Do not be left out and make your visitors move away to your competitors!

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